Time Banks

Dane County Time Bank

Dane County, Wisconsin 
Population: 488,000

The Dane County Time Bank incorporates a network of individuals and organizations working to increase efficiency, opportunity and resource sharing through mutually beneficial exchanges. 

Dane County found so much success in its time bank that it influenced the development of numerous other time banks throughout Wisconsin. Since its launch in October 2005, the bank has grown rapidly and is recognized as a leader in the International Time Banking movement. 

The Dane County Time Bank hosted the 2007 and 2009 International Time Banking Conferences. Currently the network includes more than 1,500 members and exchanges more than 16,000 hours of services per year. 

The bank has now added special projects such as the Time Bank's Youth Court program and the Time Bank Store and has supported the local developmentally disabled community. The Time Bank Youth Court seeks to provide an alternative to the juvenile justice system by helping youth take responsibility for their actions and make amends, building productive relationships to foster a safer and more caring community. The Time Bank Store allows members to acquire donated goods using time dollars they have previously earned.

Valley Time Trade

Northampton, Massachusetts 
Population: 29,000 

The Valley Time Trade in Northampton, Massachusetts, helps share abilities, talents and experiences. An initial series of meetings held in early 2009 created a decision-making Core Committee to manage Valley Time Trade. Today, the organization includes more than 160 members, who elect the Committee every six months. 

The Commonwealth Center for Change, a local nonprofit that works on supporting progressive organizations in the Northampton community, serves as the fiscal sponsor for Valley Time Trade. Other local nonprofits, including Community Action, Pedal People and Class Action have also contributed to creating the Valley Time Trade.

Mendo Time Bank

Ukiah, California 
Population: 16,000

The Mendo Time Bank is an example of a smaller time banking community. Currently, there are about 100 members, offering one another everything from bread baking to graphic design, fruit tree pruning to babysitting. Community members also assist one another with childcare, window washing and flyer posting with no financial incentive, creating a community and economy that remains supportive even during challenging economic conditions. 

Mendo Time Bank is participating in Transition Town Ukiah, a project of the Mendocino Environmental Center (MEC), a regional non-governmental environmental protection organization. The project seeks to economically revitalize the town, improve the current environmental situation and involve residents in the process of solving local problems.

PDX Time Bank

Portland, Oregon 
Population: 584,000

The PDX Time Bank is a relatively small community of 70 members. This includes a group of moms organizing to share in the responsibilities of carpooling kids to activities, providing child care, grocery shopping, taking care of elderly parents, walking dogs and assisting with homework. 

Participants offer their professional expertise, business services, health services and even provide counseling. The time bank was created in mid-2009 with the help of People's Food Co-op, a local food and farmer's goods consumers' cooperative.