The Goal: Inclusive, Thriving and Healthy Communities

The stained legacy of discrimination in America has left many communities unequal. These communities face tremendous challenges. In the most harmed communities, we have seen a historic neglect by government, which has been reinforced through public policies over time. This neglect has caused racial disparities in the determinants of health: education, housing, income, employment, environment, transportation, and safety. All of these determinants not only impact the quality of life, but they also shorten one's lifespan when adverse. Studies have found that vastly different health outcomes are experienced by Americans living just a few miles apart. In addition, stark differences exist in education and income outcomes. However, that does not have to be the case. REAL envisions "a nation in which every local official is equipped to effectively lead and serve an inclusive, thriving and healthy community."

REAL Racial disparities have been driven and maintained by public- and private-sector policies. REAL is designed to empower mayors and other local elected officials to adequately address these challenges. REAL acknowledges that every city is different; therefore, we developed an action model to guide our work to help local leaders address issues of race and equity. These actions are not meant to be taken in a particular order, rather all of the actions will be pursued simultaneously.

Safe places where equitable treatment helps people from different racial, ethnic and cultural backgrounds thrive socially, economically, academically and physically.

Learn about NLC's REAL Action Model to help cities achieve this goal.

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