State League Youth Committees


Mayor Garret Nancolas of Caldwell, Idaho, 2011 chair of NLC's Council on Youth, Education and Families, spearheaded efforts to create a Youth and Families Task Force within the Association of Idaho Cities (AIC). Through the task force, the mayor has assisted cities throughout Idaho in developing Mayor's Youth Advisory Councils and has been a vocal advocate for city leadership on behalf of children, youth and families. AIC sponsors a youth track at its annual convention and its Board adopted NLC's City Platform for Strengthening Families in 2006.  The AIC website also links to a toolkit developed by the Caldwell youth council on How to Develop a Youth Advisory Council.


For several years, the Mississippi Municipal League (MML) has convened a Youth Committee  composed of 21 mayors, councilmembers, city managers and city staff representing northern, central and southern districts of Mississippi.  The committee plays an important role in MML's annual statewide youth leadership summit, the youth track at its annual summer convention, and community service projects during MML events. 

The committee also encourages MML member cities to establish local youth councils to give youth a voice in policy and planning decisions.  "The investment we put into youth development assures a bright future for the leadership of our local towns and for the state," said 2009-10 MML Youth Committee Chairman Johnny DuPree, Mayor of Hattiesburg, Miss.  "It is imperative that as members of MML we champion the cause of public service, and lead by example.  We must show the next generation the reward of sacrifice that is gained as we give back to our community."