Roles Within City Hall

Image removed.Proactive leadership, effective communication, and an efficient regulatory environment are three factors that the National League of Cities has identified as integral in developing the local business community.  

Key Takeaways for Local Leaders

  • To support entrepreneurs and small businesses, local leaders should first look to the tools within their own wheel house - leadership, communication and regulation.
  • Strong local elected leaders are needed to prioritize issues and outwardly demonstrate that entrepreneurs and small businesses are important to a community.
  • Communication between the entrepreneurial and small business community and the municipal government is needed to improve processes and better respond to needs.
  • Unclear regulations with confusing steps are especially burdensome on new and small business. Successful review and improvement of permitting and regulatory functions hinges on communication with internal and external stakeholders and committed political leadership
  • Local leaders need to provide an accessible way for businesses to interface with regulations and permitting.

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