Urban Agriculture Policies: City of Cleveland, Ohio

The City of Cleveland is committed to increasing community health, sustainability and supporting local economies. Below is a collection of policies and ordinances that the city has adopted to increase, enable and facilitate urban agriculture.  

Urban Garden District: Established as part of the zoning code to ensure that urban garden areas are appropriately located and protected to meet needs for local food production, community health, community education, garden-related job training, environmental enhancement, preservation of green space, and community enjoyment on sites for which urban gardens represent the highest and best use for the community.

Keeping of Farm Animals and Bees: Zoning update permiting the keeping of chickens, bees, and other livestock in all zoning districts within city limits. 

Licensing Policy on Keeping of Farm Animals and Bees: This legislation describes the permitting regulations through the Cleveland Department of Public Health that apply to the licenses required for keeping livestock. 

Agricultural in Residential Districts: Amendments to the zoning regulations for residential districts that permit farm stands, different design guidelines for fencing, and allow agriculture as a principal use on vacant lots.  

Permitting Process for High Tunnels and Hoop Houses: Due to the increasing number of high tunnels being constructed on urban farms in Cleveland as a result of the " USDA EQIP Seasonal High Tunnel Initiative, the City of Cleveland's Department of Building and Housing issued a clarification of the permitting process and fee schedule for these types of structures in December 2012.

For more information:

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Office of Sustainability
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