TND Ordinance: Powder Springs, GA

This ordinance is a suitable model for small governments looking to replace their sprawl based ordinance with a relatively simple Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND) ordinance. Simple staff review will suffice.

By creating a stand-alone TND zoning district, this ordinance allows for integration of TND principles into almost any zoning ordinance. While omitting the design guidelines contained in most TND ordinances, this ordinance does mandate better street and sidewalk design, mixed housing types and objective building controls.

The Powder Springs TND District is a district intended to encourage and provide flexibility in site planning and building placement while incorporating enough standards to ensure that principles of traditional neighborhood developments are met. The TND District is intended to encourage smart-growth planning and development in the City of Powder Springs, and to encourage the creation of planned small communities where citizens can live, work and enjoy recreational activities without dependence on the automobile. TND Districts combine residential, commercial and recreational elements to create a livable, more desirable environment for residents. The TND District allows for higher density residential development, while also requiring added amenities that help create a true livable community. 

Cover - Model Ordinance City of Powder Springs
Cover - Model Ordinance City of Powder Springs
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