The Role of the Elected Official in the Budgeting Process


Kathie Novak, Senior Advisor—Center for Priority Based Budgeting

Jon Johnson, Co-Founder—Center for Priority Based Budgeting

Chris Fabian, Co-Founder—Center for Priority Based Budgeting

Session Description:

In this session, elected officials will learn about the data visualization of Fiscal Health modeling - the visual portrayal of complex financial and economic data sets, has proven to be a unifying construct, a "Rosetta-Stone" to bring all of our stakeholders (elected officials, administration, staff and citizens alike) to see things from the same perspective. It's a "new lens" through which we all can come to see the world as clearly as the other - financial literacy, simplified. 

In addition, attendees will experience successful case studies and learn how the breakthrough of Priority Based Budgeting puts elected officials in the driver’s seat of policy making throughout the budget process. Can you imagine having “agreement” among your elected officials, your organization and citizens as to which of the services you provide are of the “highest priority," which programs are perfect for partnerships, shared services, out- or even in-sourcing? Learn about the methodology and tools that over 70+ communities across the US and Canada have successfully implemented to address these very questions. 

Congressional City Conference 2015 | NLC University | Pre-Conference Seminar Materials

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