City officials are well positioned to spearhead or support community initiatives that help young children succeed. Even in smaller communities, mayors and city councilmembers can play key roles in improving outcomes for young children and their families. Municipal leaders can take action to promote early childhood success by:

  • Assessing community needs to better understand how young children and their families are currently being served and prepare locally appropriate strategies to help more children enter school ready to learn;  
  • Making early childhood a priority in the community and throughout municipal government;
  • Strengthening families to ensure that parents have access to the information, tools, and supports they need to get their children off to a good start in life;
  • Promoting child health and safety through public outreach and education campaigns;
  • Enhancing early learning opportunities to ensure that more child care settings provide high-quality developmental programs; and
  • Expanding access to high-quality and affordable child care.

For municipal leaders who recognize the importance of early childhood success to their cities and towns, there are many potential places to begin. In some communities, the first challenge will be to focus attention on an issue that has long been ignored. In others, a substantial base of local programs and past efforts will provide a strong foundation on which to build, but new leadership and resources will be required for future progress.  

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