Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and related economic fallout, the state of America’s cities, towns and villages is strong. Local leaders fought to deliver historic federal funding opportunities to support infrastructure, economic development and improve equitable outcomes. The American Rescue Plan Act and the Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act, also known as the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, provides critical, unprecedented funding that cities fought hard for and is now coming directly to local communities.  

This year’s annual speeches from America’s mayors convey that cities are finally reaping the benefits of those hard-won efforts, using the funds to strengthen their communities and make them more resilient.  

The State of the Cities report, published by the National League of Cities, examines the top issues that face America’s mayors today. In their annual state of the city speeches, local leaders highlighted the following top priorities:  

  • Infrastructure (36%) 
  • Economic development (33%) 
  • Budget and management (23%) 
  • Public safety (18%) 

The report shows cities are focused on rebuilding their communities with the incoming infrastructure funding, while simultaneously working through employment pressures and ensuring all residents are treated equitably.   

Download the full report for more information.