Smart Growth in Artesia

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Smart Growth in Artesia

With California's expected population increase of 8 million people by 2040, the city of Artesia is in a unique position to utilize growth. Of the 88 cities in Los Angeles County, Artesia has a population of 17,000 and is 1.6 square miles. The median age is above the state average and so are the housing prices, yet there are no malls, movie theatres, or large businesses. To improve quality of life and increase revenue from sales tax, Mayor Canales plans to use a strategy of Smart Growth.

What are the goals?
The goal for Artesia is to anticipate the state's growth and respond with Smart Growth. The community will need to manage growth so that it drives economic development while improving quality of life. Economic development will be improved by making the community more competitive for businesses and expanding tax bases. Quality of life will be improved by making the community more walkable and livable, and by improving public safety. Mayor Canales' ultimate goal is to change the commute through Artesia to the commute to Artesia.

How is the project being executed?
Space is being better utilized; there are motivations for lot consolidation and buildings will be built higher, as most buildings in Artesia are only two stories. Development is becoming more mixed use, with business on the bottom and living area on top. Government officials are incentivizing underutilized commercial properties to be developed. 
A specific example of Artesia's Smart Growth execution is Pioneer Boulevard. The city's main street has been consolidated from four lanes to two lanes, and the sidewalks have been expanded. The next major step in the city's plan is to build a promenade in the center of the city with free Wi-Fi, allowing people to relax in the center of their downtown space.

What are some of the results?
For the past two years, Artesia has been nominated as Most Business Friendly City in Los Angeles County.
Mayor Canales encourages the audience to rethink how they want to market their cities, and to not be afraid to rebrand themselves.


Presented at the 2015 NLC Congress of Cities
Miguel Canales, Mayor
Artesia, CA 

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