Cities make the sharing economy work. The sharing economy, also commonly referred to as collaborative consumption, encompasses peer-to peer transactions in which providers and consumers share resources and services from housing to vehicles and more. NLC helps city leaders understand and navigate this emerging trend.


Shifting Perceptions of Collaborative Consumption

NLC’s City Survey on the Sharing Economy is a nationwide analysis of the current state of the sharing economy in relation to local governments. This survey has been conducted as a part of NLC’s Local Economic Conditions survey, which measures the performance of local economic indicators and drivers of local fiscal health.

Cities, the Sharing Economy, and What’s Next

This National League of Cities report seeks to provide an extended analysis of what is currently happening in American cities so that city leaders may better understand, encourage and regulate the growing sharing economy. Interviews were conducted with city officials on the impact of the sharing economy and related topics, and the report centers around five key themes: innovation, economic development, equity, safety and implementation.

The Sharing Economy: An Analysis of Current Sentiment Surrounding Homesharing and Ridesharing

This brief analysis presents a typology for measuring the sentiment of cities toward homesharing and ridesharing services, along with findings from cities grappling with issues related to the gradual shift of consumers away from traditional ownership, toward a new form of collaborative consumption.


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The Sharing Economy and Consumer Protection Regulation: The Case for Policy Change

The Sharing Economy: Implications for Local Government Leaders

The Sharing Economy

Unlocking the Sharing Economy: An Independent Review

First Principles for Regulating the Sharing Economy

The Social Economy: Unlocking Value and Productivity through Social Technologies

Sharing is the New Buying

Peer-to-Peer Rental Markets in the Sharing Economy

Self-Regulation and Innovation in the Peer-to-Peer Sharing Economy


The Sharing Economy Advisory Network was created to develop best practices for cities in developing regulations while also allowing sharing economy businesses to expand and operate.  For more information, please contact Brooks Rainwater.