Securing and Managing Federal Grants for Small and Mid-Sized Cities

Session Overview

In this session, participants will learn how to research grant funding opportunities using subscription-based grant research services. In addition, the presenter will cover the critical essentials of winning a federal grant award ranging from assessing grant seeking readiness to selecting the right partners to seeking political advocacy. Participants will also be briefed on the 2014 federal grants management requirements for units of municipal government. 

Session Goals

  • Provide NLC members with the knowledge and skills needed to identify and qualify their units of government for federal grants

  • Understand the current management basics for a federal grant award 

Session Objectives

  • Increase awareness of grant funding research databases for government grant funding opportunities

  • Increasecriticalanalysisskillsfordeterminingif a grant funding opportunity is a go or a no-go

  • Increase competitive grant application writing skill sets related to content and format

  • Increase understanding of what the federal government requires for post-grant award reporting 

Trainer: Dr. Beverly Browning | Vice President of Grants Professional Services eCivis, Inc.
o: 877.232.4847 x6203 | | | 

2014 Congressional City Conference | Washington, DC | Pre-Conference Seminar Presentations

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