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San Antonio is a leader in cradle to career supports. The city has been able to achieve universal pre-k and a Promise Neighborhood. One of their highest achievements is their Café College. This actual brick and mortar location provides an extensive array of services to families, youth, and returning adult students all attempting to achieve a higher education. The site holds 3 classrooms and a computer lab. Café College provides financial aid assistance, career exploration, college applications, and SAT & ACT preparation. Staff there also support a truancy intervention program that serves as a complement to in-house court programs such as constructive community service. More than 4,000 parents and children have already been referred by judges to this program. The Café College model has been replicated in multiple cities and endorsed by the Lumina Foundation, the Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Program (TG), the National College Access Network (NCAN),  and is one of two statewide pilot programs for the Texas College Access Network (TxCAN). 

The Strategy

City Role

The City of San Antonio has completely funded Café College and leveraged the San Antonio Education Partnership to lead the creation and implementation of the center. The city is currently looking to diversify their funding. They have implemented a five year strategy to identify other funding that will sustain Café College.


Café College is managed by the San Antonio Education Partnership, a long standing collaborative organization that brings leadership together from the city, the corporate sector, local colleges and universities, schools and school districts and two distinctive community organizations, Communities Organized for Public Service (C.O.P.S.) and Metro Alliance. Through these collaborative partnerships, San Antonio Education Partnership is able to provide relevant information to potential higher education students on local business trends and college and career options within the San Antonio area. 


Annually Café College provides services to 34,000 middle and high school students, their families, former college students who wish to return to college, and adult learners. Most are first generation minority students. Annually Café College also assist 6,000 seniors in completing their college application and 5,000 seniors in completing their FAFSA. 


Institute for Youth, Education and Families

Café College, 131 El Paso, St. San Antonio, TX 78204, 210.207.4528

Last modified: March 2016

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