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In 2015 Salem joined the AARP and WHO’s network of Age-Friendly Communities, a global coalition of over 300 cities, towns, villages, and counties, all committed to planning and working to make their community a great place for all ages. Well-designed, livable communities promote health, sustain economic growth, and make for happier, healthier residents of all ages. Salem, one of America’s most vibrant small cities, enjoys a thriving and walkable downtown, charming neighborhoods of architectural significance, excellent and diverse schools, a substantial tourism economy, and a historic, active harbor and waterfront. Mayor Driscoll has prioritized thoughtful planning and careful fiscal practices, to help make Salem the great city that it is today. A key part of that planning is around how to prepare Salem for the rapidly increasing share of its population that is over the age of 50. With a belief that a community that is thoughtfully planned for older residents also benefits residents of all other ages, Salem rolled up its sleeves in 2015 and is now completing a comprehensive action plan – Salem for All Ages – that covers the eight priorities of an age-friendly city.

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What are the target goals?

The goal is to realize the action items recommended in each of the eight sections of the report and thereby create a community best equipped for residents of all ages.

How is the project being executed?

Following a yearlong public process of focus groups, public meetings, and a survey, a document review and data analysis, the draft report was crafted and posted for public comment. A final report will be completed and submitted to the World Health Organization. In 2017 a permanent stakeholders group will convene and meet regularly to review progress toward completing the action items recommended in the plan and to evaluate any needed updates or revisions to the plan.

What are the results?

The results, besides the thoughtful and publicly created plan, will be a community even more livable and welcoming for residents and those of any age and ability, as well as a permanent process for the evaluation of the plan and how the action items are being achieved.

Kimberly Driscoll
Salem, MA

NLC Staff Contact
James Brooks
City Solutions Director

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