NLC interviewed several current and former municipal leaders who have been through similar moments of crisis with racial tension. This document provides important contextual and tactical information to support a municipality’s efforts to respond effectively. It includes:

  • Definition of common values — Five common values need to be embedded in all actions in response to racial tension.
  • Insight — Lessons learned, tactics, and such additional considerations can provide direction and suggest actions municipalities can take in real time.
  • Context — Historical context that will help leadership get a more robust understanding of the situation at hand, and how the event may uncover deep-rooted issues that the municipality can address.
  • Checklists — Practical checklists ensure that you have some of the more critical components in place to respond: 1) Direction to leadership in the immediate response to the crisis; 2) Guidance on a crisis communications protocol; 3) Guidance on stakeholder identification and engagement; 4) Guidance on how to continue the work of advancing racial equity post-incident.

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REAL TALK—From Ferguson to Charlottesville and Beyond

On Wednesday, August 14, 2019, NLC hosted a dynamic discussion about current local initiatives to address racial tensions and promote healing five years after Ferguson. Watch the full conversation below.