Report: Drive America's Economy Forward by Reinvesting in Municipal Infrastructure

The vibrant network of infrastructure in America’s cities is the economic competitive advantage that allows our 122.5 million households and 7.5 million businesses to lead the world in an increasingly globalized economy. Yet, we know that our infrastructure is failing us. Too many bridges are in a state of disrepair, our internet lags behind the rest of the world, families drink from bottled water in the absence of safe tap water. The economic costs of continued inaction are staggering. Failing infrastructure costs America’s families $3,400 annually in lost disposable income. Cities are already paying their fair share — financing more than two-thirds of all infrastructure projects through tax-exempt municipal bonds — but cities simply cannot afford to carry our nation forward alone. For that reason, the National League of Cities calls on Congress and the administration to invest in making America’s transportation, water and broadband infrastructure, once again, the envy of the world. 

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