Public-Private Partnerships Boot Camp


Nicole Dupuis, Senior Associate, Infrastructure, NLC City Solutions and Research

Paul Kalomiris, National Council for Public-Private Partnerships

Session Description:

This focused, introductory-level workshop would be for public and private sector representatives who are interested in P3s but may be unfamiliar with how they work. Workshop presenters would include public and private sector experts. Topics would include: understanding how P3s differ from traditional privatization and procurement; alternative P3 structures and their respective advantages and issues; use of P3 structures for financing projects and activities; identification and allocation of risks in structuring and negotiating P3 transactions; understanding what P3s can and cannot help communities accomplish; initial steps in the process, including how to structure and implement the RFQ/RFP process; how to adapt best practices into your project; and how to develop and maintain a productive partnership.

Congress of Cities 2015 | NLC University | Pre-Conference Seminar Materials

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