Protecting Children and Youth Action Kit

No challenge facing cities and towns is more urgent than protecting our children and youth.  Ensuring children’s safety at home, keeping them out of harm’s way on the streets and at school, and shielding young people from influences that can draw them into acts of crime and violence – these steps are essential to the well-being of our communities.

The lives of young people in our cities and towns are at stake, and municipal leaders know it.  But this is about more than the young people themselves; entire communities pay a price when the health and safety of children are threatened.  As families in violence-plagued neighborhoods lose their sense of security, property values erode and middle-class residents move out.  Gone with them is some of the economic vitality essential to a community’s success.

What can mayors, city council members, and other municipal leaders do to keep children and youth safe? This action kit provides a host of ideas and suggestions.  From setting the agenda to working with schools and forging ties between the police and community groups, opportunities for municipal leadership abound.  

Download the Action Kit for more information.

protecting children and youth action kit
protecting children and youth action kit
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