Priority Based Budgeting

Instructor: Jon Johnson, Co-Founder, Chris Fabian, Co-Founder and Kathie Novak, Senior Advisor and Past President of NLCthe Center for Priority Based Budgeting

With resources remaining scarce for most cities and counties, there is great pressure and responsibility on today’s elected official to translate enormous amounts of complex financial data into useful information that guides and influences policy making.

In this session, you will learn how the breakthrough of Priority Based Budgeting puts you in the driver’s seat of policy making throughout the budget process. Imagine having agreement among elected officials, city staff and citizens as to which services are of the highest priority, and which programs are perfect for partnerships, shared services, or out- or in-sourcing? Learn about the methodology and tools that more than 70 communities across the US and Canada have successfully implemented to address these very questions.

Congressional City Conference 2016 | NLC University | Pre-Conference Seminar Materials

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