Parkland, FL Intergenerational Program

Program Goals

The natural beauty of the landscape in Parkland, Florida has regularly attracted tourists to its green space, lakes, and world-class golf courses. But thanks to a deliberate focus on inter-generational active living, Parkland is using these and other assets to transform the lives of the community's older population.

The city's commitment begins with the use of a resident needs survey and a partnership to serve seniors living in traditional style retirement communities. The outreach also includes working with local elementary, middle and high schools to recruit student volunteers desiring inter-generational experiences. Additionally, there is a local intergenerational committee tasked to deliver on the community's intent to provide real programming.

Program Details

Intergenerational programs are primarily funded through partnerships, volunteers, donations, and in-kind service provided. The City of Parkland Parks and Recreation Department is responsible for the city's nine parks that range from passive trails to athletic facilities to locations for special community events. The department offers a variety of intergenerational programs for youth and older adults and residents have an opportunity to teach and learn together through the free classes.

Parks and Recreation also is developing an intergenerational computer tutoring program between a senior living facility and local high school, aimed at empowering individuals of all ages, reducing the digital divide, tackling social exclusion and isolation, and fostering understanding between the generations.   Finally, a big hit with the community is the Winter Talent Showcase (begun in 2006) that the Parkland Teen Advisory Group (TAG) stages at the Aston Gardens retirement community. All those interested in participating must audition for the Teen Advisory Group including Aston Gardens residents.


Generations United 2014 Intergenerational Communities Awards