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Outrageous Trust

It’s time to get better results by building better relationships…through Outrageous

My passion is to work with people and organizations, to equip and train them to better
earn, cultivate, manage, understand, build and repair trust in their relationships.
Outrageous Trust® provides a framework and a model to find greater clarity, help you
make better decisions, strengthen your relationships and deliver results. There are three
basic ideas that will create clarity in building your relationships.

1. Understand how trust works and be intentional to build it
2. Subscribe to a set of guiding principles…this is what you must “do”
3. Strive to achieve the attributes of a trusted person…this is what you must “be”

This program is the result of more than two decades of working with individuals, small
businesses, entrepreneurs, large organizations and Fortune 100® companies in just this
capacity. The concepts in Outrageous Trust® are based on tried and tested
communication, organizational, business and leadership models and practices.
Outrageous Trust® is a comprehensive, yet practical program you can put to work
immediately to improve your relationships. Now, let’s learn to be outrageous.

Roy W. Reid, Jr., APR, CPRC

2015 Leadership Summit

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