Neighbors Neighborly!

When was the most recent time a constituent mentioned to you some behavior, action or even more so, lack of action, of a neighbor that bothers or annoys them, and they can’t let go of it? AND you thought to yourself, “Have you spoken with your neighbor about what is bothering you?”

Or worse, two neighbors have an altercation over some First World problem, like a fence color or the length of one of their lawns?

Learn more about how the City of Littleton has implemented a program for Dispute Resolution that provides an option for neighbors and businesses to reach a sustaining, mutually agreed path forward. And how citizen volunteers are engaged, and first responders are informed so that responsible adult behavior is encouraged and reinforced.

Littleton, CO Conflict Resolution and the Immigrant Resources Center

The Center will be conducting the city’s first Community Migration Dialogues this November. Both the CRC and the IRC have been working with community members who have had varying experiences both as immigrants and as a residents who have been in the community for decades. The goal of this migration dialogue is to bring community members together to discuss these experiences, discuss the obstacles of inclusion within the community, and to connect with others in the community.

What is Mediation?

  • Mediation is an acceptable alternative to resolving a dispute through the court system. Agreements made in mediation are legally binding and are recognized by the court.
  • Mediation is resolution focused; parties will have a chance to discuss the incident/issue from their perspective and a trained mediator will work with them to move toward workable resolutions.
  • Mediation is confidential; this gives participants the opportunity to speak freely about the issues without fear of further repercussions.
  • Mediation provides those involved the power to come up with a workable resolution.
  • Mediation is a voluntary process; no one will be forced to mediate.
  • It’s free!

What will the mediator do?

  • Provide a safe, secure, and confidential environment for the mediation to take place.
  • The mediator will not show bias, but will remain solution focused. If parties come to a crossroads or appear to be stuck, the mediator will work with both parties to overcome the impasse.
  • Assist the parties in drafting an agreement that is fair and satisfies the concerns of all involved.

How does this process work?

  • Give us a call! Littleton has trained mediation staff that is ready to assist you in finding resolution.
  • We will ask questions of both parties to find out how this dispute ended up in mediation, what could be done to resolve the issue, and what each party would like to see in future interactions with the other.
  • We will coordinate schedules, secure a meeting facility and walk all parties through the process.
  • Parties will meet and discuss the issues from their perspectives. After each party had an opportunity to share, the mediator will facilitate a conversation that explores the issues further as well as produces potential resolution to the problem.

Phil Cernanec
Littleton, CO

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