Model RFP: Mixed-use Neighborhood Development, Flagstaff, Arizona

This model RFP is for the City of Flagstaff's second phase of proposals for a mixed-use Traditional Neighborhood Development of approximately 27 acres along John Wesley Powell Boulevard in Flagstaff, Arizona.

This is a detailed request for proposals (RFP) that can be used as a model for other cities looking to promote or create traditional neighborhood developments. This RFP requires a plan depicting streets, lots, buildings and general landscaping of a proposed development designed as a traditional neighborhood. Proposals must address the inclusion of affordable housing units, provide an outline of sustainable practices to be employed throughout the development and identify utility services and potential points of water and sewage connections as well as methods for stormwater drainage. 

The RFP criteria require the inclusion of multi-modal circulation systems with identified bicycle routes, paths and trails as well as bus stops and/or transfer stations. Architectural standards are required and elevations for all buildings types, styles and designs are addressed. And finally, the proposal requests that varying residential, commercial, retail and office uses, and open spaces, be provided at appropriate locations and scales to ensure a strong sense of place, an integration of diverse community features, walkable and connected places and vibrant open spaces.

Cover - City of Flagstaff Community Investment Division
Cover - City of Flagstaff Community Investment Division
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