30-4-2.1 Establishment of a Traditional Neighborhood Development Plan

(A) Plan Approval and Rezoning: An application to rezone property to the TN1 preparation of a Traditional Neighborhood Development Plan for the project site and its adoption by the Planning Board. The filing of such an application is a pronouncement by the applicant of intent to adhere to a higher standard of design and to place a premium upon the long-term livability and attendant value appreciation of the development. It is also an acknowledgment that the developer will assume the risks inherent in larger up-front costs in order to make fuller utilization of land and to discourage sprawl. The process leading to the zoning map amendment for a TN1 zone includes a pre-submittal meeting, the submission of a complete set of the proposed Traditional Neighborhood Development Plan elements, the technical review of that Plan, the approval by the Planning Board of the Traditional Neighborhood Development Plan, an application for the proposed zoning map amendment, a public hearing on the zoning map amendment, and the adoption of the zoning map amendment.

(B) Pre-submittal Meeting: A pre-submittal meeting shall be held between the Planning Department representatives and the applicant to acquaint staff with the proposed development, provide the applicant with preliminary staff comments, and identify major concerns or the need for additional data.

(C) Neighborhood Meetings: The applicant is encouraged to hold informative plan development and refinement meetings, or a charette, at which residents and property.