Maricopa Citizen Advocacy

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What are the target goals?

After a massive boom and bust housing cycle, the City of Maricopa, Arizona (incorporated in 2003) sought to improve its recession torn image by encouraging its citizens to be advocates for the place they call home. The intent is to foster community champions and arm them with facts and figures regarding the truthful struggles and the actual achievements of a community that expanded to a population of 45,000 in less than 10 years.

The city developed the Maricopa Advocacy Program (MAP) that focuses on using residents to network on behalf of the city and then use that network to foster economic growth. MAP empowers citizens to volunteer as marketers for their city and to provide credible information to prospective residents and commercial interests. Acting much like social media websites do, MAP is about the network which connects old, new and prospective residents with people like them but in this case, serving the greater interests of Maricopa city.

Who are the partners?

Maricopa largely relies on the work of its citizens, but has also partnered with neighboring communities as well. The city has been an important ally with the University of Arizona Engineering School to create future opportunities.

Other Details

In anticipation of greater diversity in its economy, the city has established a 24/7 city hall, which will streamline development by allowing for online services such as permit applications.

Contact Information
Mayor Christian Price

NLC Staff Contact
James Brooks
City Solutions Director

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