NLC is challenging cities to take action on indoor environmental hazards and their impact on the health of children and families in 2019 and 2020.

Pledge now to take action in your community and commit to implementing at least one policy or program. Please join your peers and select at least one of these four actions:

  1. Inform and Engage All ResidentsEmpower and engage stakeholders on housing quality issues.
  2. Take Stock of HousingReview existing housing codes and enforcement policies.
  3. Come Together on Housing HazardsConvene stakeholders to create a housing hazards task force.
  4. Strengthen Healthy Homes Policies and PracticesCreate resources and build commitment across stakeholders.

Once you’ve selected one or more of the above steps to implement in your community, city leaders can join together by submitting the following pledge.


Advancing City-Level Healthy Housing: The Role of Partners

Moving the needle on housing quality requires action from landlords, developers, city departments, local housing agencies, hospitals, and other stakeholders. Too often, each group works alone to take disparate actions without leveraging the other resources available in the community. Improved standards for new construction, for example, are important but do not address existing hazards in older buildings. Similarly, city programs aimed at children with elevated lead blood levels are not fully effective without universal testing and updated data.

National League of Cities Department of Housing and Urban Development