Lexington Partners for Youth

What are the goals of the program?

Partners for Youth (PFY) is a Lexington-based 501(c)(3) non-profit, acting as a clearinghouse for community contributions, including money and in-kind assistance, to programs serving young people. PFY was founded by former Mayor Pam Miller in early 1995 after the shooting and killing of an African American youth by a white police officer in October 1994. In the wake of this tragedy, public discussion focused on the desperate circumstances impacting large segments of the city's youth. PFY was formed to direct resources to youth in the forgotten segments of the Lexington population. The City of Lexington is instrumental in accruing these resources as well as disbursing them.

The mission of Partners for Youth (PFY) is to promote positive youth development and to prevent juvenile delinquency through collaboration and capacity building. Examples of PFY work include providing grant support through the Grassroots Allocation Program, distributing educational scholarships through the Toyota Scholarship and Mayor's Youth Council Programs, and building collaborations that bring together community partners to support youth in meaningful ways.

Although PFY is a nonprofit organization, it works extremely closely with the City of Lexington. The city leadership and staff provide financial (especially the Grassroots grant program), personnel, and advisory support. The Mayor of Lexington reviews, approves, and sometimes directs the agenda of PFY. City staff is available to add capacity to PFY when necessary.

How is the program funded?

Partners for Youth is funded through donations from major donors including Toyota Motor Manufacturing of Kentucky, Equestrian Events Inc., Traditional Bank of Lexington, Forcht Bank, American Water Company, and Quantrell Auto Group. 

Other Details:

On behalf of the city, the lead agency is the Department of Social Services Division of Youth Services. Among the key outcomes achieved under the program thus far are the funding of over 200 scholarships for postsecondary education and the commitment of $2 million to primary violence prevention programs. 

Partners for Youth 
Larry Johnson
Director of Community Collaboration Initiatives
(859) 258-3108

NLC Staff Contact 
Andrew Moore. Director 
Institute for Youth, Education and Families 
(215) 848-6910

Last updated July 2015

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