Las Vegas Education and Training

CTE Partnership with local Fire Department

With local officials focusing on postsecondary education to improve the city's high unemployment rate, Las Vegas local leaders formulated a unique idea for a partnership. In 2008, residents in Ward 1 needed a new fire station, but had failed to secure land for its building. Faced with this obstacle, War 1 Councilwoman Tarkanian reached out to the local College of Southern Nevada (CSN) campus with an innovative strategy. The city would fund the $7 million construction of a new, 10,000 square-foot fire station on the CSN campus property. In return, the fire station would also house classrooms for fire science and EMT training for CSN students.

The partnership is bringing benefits to both the residents of Las Vegas and CSN's students. Ward 1 has recently seen a great increase in residential and commercial development, and the new fire station will help improve response time for those residents and business owners. The students of CSN receive high-quality career and technical education (CTE), through class work and hands-on internship opportunities for Applied Sciences degrees in Wildland firefighting, Urban firefighting, and Fire Management. By promoting the field, CSN is creating new generations of students both attaining postsecondary degrees and working to improve public safety. The city has rallied behind this effort, as the $41.7 million budget cuts Las Vegas faced at the beginning of the financial crisis did not affect funding for this initiative.

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