Expanding Economic Mobility and Opportunity in America’s Cities

Throughout much of our history, children have grown up to reach a higher standard of living than their parents. While this has never been realized by all groups, the hope for a better life lies at the heart of the American Dream—if you work hard, you can be successful. 

But now it seems that something fundamental has changed. Many Americans have not been part of the recent economic recovery, and economic disparities—by region, race and ethnicity—are growing. Nowhere are these changes felt more strongly than in America’s cities and towns. 

Restoring the American Dream is the defining challenge of our time, and many municipal leaders have stepped up to do their part. Are you ready to join them? 

NLC President and Cleveland Councilmember Matt Zone launched the Task Force on Economic Mobility and Opportunity in 2016. The task force has issued its final report, “Keeping the American Dream Alive: Expanding Economic Mobility and Opportunity in America’s Cities.” 

The report covers 33 recommendations, offering a road map to help mayors, councilmembers and other municipal officials expand economic mobility and opportunity—to help more of their residents share in the American Dream. 

“When they fail to step in and play a role in increasing job and training opportunities for residents, city leaders miss an important opportunity to improve the economic mobility of residents and the overall economic health of their cities.”