This year the National League of Cities (NLC) constituency group, LGBTQ+ Local Officials (LGBTQ+LO) asked municipal leaders, who identify as or represent the LGBTQ+ community, on what communities should focus in addressing LGBTQ+ inclusivity.

The purpose of this policy brief is for our peers to learn what has worked in other jurisdictions and to learn four beneficial actions local leaders can take to become a more LGBTQ+ inclusive place to live, work and call home. It includes policy examples as well as testimonials from local leaders representing various states and populations; it also highlights communities that have been awarded a Municipal Equality Index Score of 90 or higher from the Human Rights Campaign.

LGBTQ+ Local Officials (LGBTQ+LO) would like to give a special thanks to the Equality Federation for assisting with this brief.  They provided invaluable support not only as we drafted this document but in collaborating on the companion panel we hosted “How Cities Can Enact LGBTQ+ Non-Discrimination Policies,” during which the Equality Federation brought together experts from Equality North Carolina, Equality Ohio, Georgia Equality, Equality Florida and the Fairness Campaign – Kentucky to provide on the ground input from lived experience.