Gaithersburg Book Festival

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What are the Program Goals?

City leaders sought to raise the prominence and economic prowess of Gaithersburg through creation of a world class book festival. Five years after its creation in 2010, the event has solidified the city's position as one of the most literate communities in the U.S. as well as a literary destination for bibliophiles throughout the country. This is especially significant in light of the fact that nearby Washington, D.C. hosts the annual National Book Festival (sponsored by the Library of Congress and established in 2001). In addition to adding a desired sense of culture to the city, the festival has also fostered economic development by attracting thousands of visitors each year.

Who are the partners?

The event itself is run by the city and the Gaithersburg Cultural Arts Advisory Committee. Gaithersburg partners with other municipal and county level organizations as well as literary organizations and local education institutions such as the University of Maryland.

How is the effort financed?

The effort is largely funded by generous sponsors and donors, with some assistance provided by the City of Gaithersburg. Sponsors are offered varying levels of monetary donations in exchange for corresponding opportunities for marketing and publicity. Individual patrons may also make personal donations and be recognized as sponsors. Admission is free during the event.

Other Details

Much of the festivals success can be attributed to Gaithersburg's unique location within the Baltimore Washington area, one of the most educated regions of the country. During 2014, the festival attracted over 20,000 visitors.

Contact Information
Mayor Jud Ashman

NLC Staff Contact
James Brooks
City Solutions Director, 1-202-626-3163