Local leaders bring a valuable skillset to the national level. By not losing sight of our communities, they can translate local best practices, innovation and ideas into important national policy. Having local leaders at the head of the table can help ensure the interests of the American people are best represented. Furthermore, by having local elected officials in these roles, the agencies can intentionally keep a closer ear to the ground and engage in direct conversations with local officials to collaborate on addressing the big challenges
communities face every day.

Over the years, there have been numerous local leaders chosen for these high-level roles, serving the public and running agencies with thousands of employees working on behalf of the American people. Mayors, councilmembers and other city and county officials have directly implemented and launched programs and provided funding to better support local government and the places we all call home. These bipartisan local leaders have been champions of far-reaching policies that have helped to create a better country and
open opportunity, and most importantly, without forgetting the centrality of cities to the future of our great nation.