Laying the foundation for long-term housing stability

Eviction prevention is not just about averting near-term consequences of evictions — it is about laying the foundation for systems that will foster housing stability for communities in the long-term. This publication guides local governments through a step-by-step process and menu of program offerings to develop effective interventions that are responsive to community needs.

Key insights include:

  • What early steps cities should take to understand their eviction landscape, map their local eviction process, develop the necessary data infrastructure and establish key partnerships
  • Guidance on how to develop a coordinated plan of action and prevention strategy that is tailored to community needs and engages key stakeholders
  • How to center racial equity in both strategy development and program implementation in order to tackle racial inequities embedded in the housing system
  • Case studies and recommendations for developing and funding eviction prevention programs, policies and tactics that can be enacted at the local level in both the short- and long-term

By taking lessons learned from the Eviction Prevention Learning Lab during the pandemic and employing the approaches outlined in this guide, cities of all sizes are positioned to develop more effective, efficient and equitable eviction prevention strategies that foster housing stability in the long-term. Download the report to learn more.

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