Educational Alignment for Young Children (EAYC): Cities and Elements

Municipal Leadership to Promote Educational Alignment for Young Children

In 2013, NLC launched Municipal Leadership to Promote Educational Alignment for Young Children, a YEF Institute technical assistance project, to help six cities begin the process of creating an aligned early care and education system for young children.

These elements offer promising entry points for city leaders, and efforts toward achieving them have the potential to lay critical groundwork for further alignment. Formalizing partnerships and governance structures are important in the development of common definitions and goals among stakeholders, allowing them to work more effectively together. Professional development to prepare qualified administrators and teachers in Pre-K and early elementary (K-3) classrooms is essential in developing a high-quality system and fosters relationships among early care and education professionals that can pave the way for future alignment of curricula and assessments. 

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Finally, educational alignment for young children cannot be fully effective without strong parent and family engagement. Parents and caregivers play a pivotal role in helping their children develop and learn in their earliest years. Ideally, parents and families of young children are involved from the beginning as city leaders plan new initiatives, sharing their experiences and offering ideas to inform programs and policies. 




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II. Cities and Elements

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