As the maker economy continues to take shape in cities across the country, it is emerging as a potential powerhouse for building strong local economies through creative maker- microbusinesses and small-scale manufacturing.

As this nascent industry of small businesses expands and transforms, city leaders should understand what the maker economy is and how to harness its economic development potential. 

Discovering Your City’s Maker Economy is co-developed by National League of Cities, Etsy, Recast City and the Urban Manufacturing Alliance and aims to provide a roadmap for cities and maker communities on how to collaboratively develop policies, programs and a culture that better supports local maker businesses, micro-producers and small manufacturers.

The maker community has the potential to be inclusive and act as a key driver in achieving your city’s equity goals. 

The guide helps define the maker community, highlight specific ways that city leaders can support these entrepreneurs, and provide profiles of supportive programs, policies and partnerships at the city level.