Denver "All-Access" Card


All Denver students ages 5 to 18 have free, year-round access to the city's 23 recreation centers and 29 pools with the MY Denver Card. The MY Denver Card also serves as a Denver Public Library card, giving Denver's children the keys to learning and staying active. The MY Denver Card is linked to a student's ID number if they attend Denver Public Schools and allows for easy tracking of data. Students can register online or as a part of their school registration. The card also provides free and reduced admission to cultural institutions across the city such as the Museum of Nature and Science, Denver Center for the Performing Arts, and the Denver Zoo.

The Strategy

City Role
The city is spearheading the project, raising funds, and gathering participating partners. Specifically the project is housed within the City of Denver's Office of Children's Affairs.

The bulk of the funding for this initiative came from Denver voters' overwhelming support of Measure 2A in 2012. Without raising tax rates or fees, Measure 2A allowed Denver to retain and spend the money it already collects but must give back to stay below state-mandated revenue caps. Instead of returning these funds to taxpayers, the city used the funds to help erase its deficit, strengthen its economy, and invest in public safety, infrastructure, and services for children. This year $1.9 million went to the MY Denver Card program.

Partners include many of the cultural institutions and organizations across the city such as the Denver Art Museum, Denver Botanic Gardens, History Colorado Center, and the Southwest Ice Rink. For full list of partnering organizations visit the MY Denver Card Website.


Currently over 61,000 students are registered for the program and it has now become a standard part of school registration.

Contact Information

Institute for Youth, Education, and Families

Office of Children's Affairs - General Information
720 913-0900 (Office) 720-913-0928 (Fax)
201 W. Colfax Avenue, Dept. 1101
Denver, CO 80202

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