City Names: Tucson, AZ; Chula Vista, CA; Takoma-Park, MD

NLC Partner: Esri

Problem: Equity looks different in every community. A community's makeup, size, and historical policies contribute to systemic inequities. Local governments are now expected to review current programs and find areas where they can effectively improve the quality of living for all. These actions need data to support, justify, and defend a city's actions. 

Solution: Our work with these cities has aided our effort to rebuild and update Esri's complimentary Social Equity Analysis solution, a solution for addressing the many aspects of social injustices, including both climate change and environmental injustices. As a result, the participating cities learned about building an equity index for their cities to develop future programs and policies. 

Outcome: Create and validate a no-cost solution available to all local governments wishing to include data in support of Equity Strategic Plans and the development of long-term measures. Training content and "How To…" guides are forthcoming. 

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