Caldwell Youth Master Plan

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What are the target goals?

Through cooperation with local institutions, the City of Caldwell is better serving its youth population through its P16 Program, the centerpiece of a Youth Master Plan. (P16 is an expansion of the traditional K-12 model; P represents pre-school and 16 represents achieving a bachelor's degree.) Caldwell has engaged its young people, raised student reading ability, graduation rates, and college attendance, while lowering its truancy and crime rates by providing a strong offering of afterschool programs and mentorship opportunities for local students.

In support of a strategic youth master plan, the city developed the state's first youth advisory council, which was used to determine the needs of its local youth population. Based on this assessment of needs and priorities, the city worked with the local YMCA to build a long desired recreational facility and to fund afterschool swimming lessons (including bus transportation between school and the facility and from the facility to home). As a further demonstration of the city's vested interest in its youth programming, city staff members are permitted to mentor local students on city time through Caldwell's mentorship program.

Who are the partners?

The city worked closely with institutions of higher learning including The College of Idaho and Treasure Valley Community College, as well as local Vallivue and Caldwell school districts to implement the P16 education programs.

How are the efforts financed?

The program is financed by a mixture of public and private funds. The city uses its payroll to staff its mentorship program, and helps fund projects through its own budget. The Youth Master Plan also relies heavily on volunteers. As part of the relationship with the YMCA, the city provided construction fee waivers and volunteer workers. A local trash hauling company also provided funds, and the city received $400,000 in donations from the Albertsons Foundation, and half a million dollars from the United Way to help finance the city's youth efforts.

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Mayor Garret Nancolas

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