Early Childhood Learning Building Blocks for Success

Early childhood learning, health and well-being are in every sense building blocks for our nation’s future. New science on child development points to the lifelong importance of early experiences, relationships and opportunities in building the “architecture of the brain” and creating the foundation for health, social, emotional well-being. Children’s earliest experiences in their communities establish the foundation for future success. The ability for parents and caregivers to provide the best possible experience for young children is directly influenced by the resources available to them in their neighborhoods. 

Leaders in communities across the country are recognizing and understanding that child well-being and thriving communities go hand-in-hand. Elected officials, business and civic leaders, and people from all walks of life are working to create true “early learning communities” – places that promote learning and development prenatally through the early years of elementary school while making sure that the “building blocks” for early and life-long success are in place. “