Budgeting Basics


Kathie Novak, Senior Advisor—Center for Priority Based Budgeting

Jon Johnson, Co-Founder—Center for Priority Based Budgeting

Chris Fabian, Co-Founder—Center for Priority Based Budgeting


“The budget is the single most important policy document a local government adopts.” How many times have elected officials heard this statement, and how many elected officials actually believe that this is the case? Do the budget and the budgeting process itself actually help policy makers to easily and understandably translate their decisions into actions that move their community forward? Or has budgeting become an accounting exercise at best, leaving the connection to policy making questionable and unclear?

Learn about the breakthrough in budgeting, Priority Based Budgeting (through Fiscal Health and Wellness), an innovative, transparent and proven approach that creates a new and “unique lens” through which elected officials, managers, staff and ultimately constituents can truly see the impacts of their decisions on allocated resources in a way that achieves what the community wants, expects and desires. 

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