Berkeley, California Green Corridor Partnership

To address a gap in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields, Mayor Tom Bates co-founded the East Bay Green Corridor Partnership in December 2007 along with neighboring mayors, UC-Berkeley, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Engaging local leadership from the entire region, especially after the initiative's expansion in 2009, the East Bay Green Corridor promotes green technology innovation and development in areas to improve both environmental and economic outcomes.

Three Workforce Investment Boards and local nonprofits have joined city staff on the Pathways Committee with the goal of aligning the education system with the industry needs.  By initiating collaboration between the region's nine Green Energy Tech (GET) High School Academies, the area's public universities, community colleges and providers in the green technology field, the East Bay Green Corridor Partnership is pushing students towards careers that improve the region's environmental standing. This effort is also enhanced by Berkeley High School's Green Academy, which presents students with a curriculum geared towards the environmental profession.