Bedford Historic Downtown Revitalization


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What are the target goals?

In the wake of a declining auto manufacturing industry, city leaders in Bedford sought to target business growth and development in the historic downtown. For this community, the downtown remained an important community venue and one that offered some distinctive retail diversity.

Through a partnership with a private merchandising firm, the city offered marketing expertise and training to local business owners to improve economic growth opportunities and rejuvenate shopping downtown. The city used its business incubator, known as the Bedford Catalyst, as a key tool to fill vacant store fronts with a diverse retail industry (including pop-up stores) and preserve Bedford's historic downtown image.

Who are the partners?

The city retained the firm of Paradise + PEOPLE as the merchandising advisor. The Downtown Historic Business Owners Association has been revived through this effort and the local Chamber of Commerce is adapting its mission and focus to support this revitalization agenda.

How is the effort financed?

The city offers the Bedford Catalyst's classes free of charge to local businesses, and finances the program completely through its own budget.

Primary Author
Mayor Stan Koci

NLC Staff Contact
James Brooks
City Solutions Director, (202) 626-3163

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