Adaptive Leadership

Adaptive Leadership for Results
Based on the work of Ron Heifetz and Marty Linsky
From the book Leadership on the Line
© Raj Chawla and Jolie Bain Pillsbury

Leadership is about achieving results. Leaders seek to create alignment around a common result and then work with others to make aligned contributions to achieve the result. In this process both technical and adaptive challenges will emerge. To achieve results a leader must know the difference between technical and adaptive challenges and be able to implement strategies addressing both.

Technical challenges can be solved with existing knowledge, skills, and/or technologies. Adaptive challenges are those where there is no readily available technical solution, and the exact nature of the challenge may be unknown. Adaptive challenges are always present when striving for high alignment and high action because facing them involves challenging existing modes of operating, examining deeply held, often unconscious, values and beliefs, and exploring new ways of thinking or acting.

Trainer: Angela Hendrix Terry - NYU's Wagner School of Public Service

Congress of Cities 2014 | NLC University | Pre-Conference Seminar Materials

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