Reengagement in Washoe County

Three reengagement centers located strategically across the expansive district, minimize geographic barriers.

The Washoe County School District Re-engagement Centers, one stop referral centers, work to not only find the most appropriate and supportive academic setting for students, but also assess and support families in accessing community resources. Reengagement staff work with youth in centers co-located with Children's Cabinet, a family and youth resource center.

Through case management, staff provide youth with the resources and support they need to earn a diploma or prepare for the High School Equivalency Test (HSET). Youth receive referrals to local community agencies to receive additional nonacademic supports. Center staff employ student voice in a structured way to improve programs. 

Promising Practices

  • Co-location of reengagement centers with existing youth organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club.
  • Staff provide intensive case management designed to develop and implement an individualized action plan that assists families in accessing needed resources and determines the most appropriate academic setting for youth. 

2014-2015 Activity 

  • The Washoe County Reengagement Centers placed 166 youth in an education program.
  • Hosted the Strenth in Voices Conference in June 2015