Reengagement in Washington State

With the passage of House Bill 1418 in 2010, the Washington State Legislature established the first statewide dropout reengagement initiative in the nation targeting out-of-school youth.

Open Doors operates as a reengagement system supported by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction that has grown to involve 105 school districts, 2 direct funded Technical colleges and 1 tribal compact school. Open Doors links disconnected youth, ages 16 to 21 to the services they need to return to education. Students receive offers of multiple pathways to realize educational success, including high school completion, GED attainment, work preparation and training, and college coursework or AA completion. Open Doors sites provide education based on outcomes and performance, individualized to the desired student outcome(s).  Sites partners with multiple agencies to mitigate barriers and provide students with needed supports. Open Doors funding can extend to support students up to age 21; for older students OSPI and sites partner with adult basic education to provide additional pathways to completion.

Promising Practices

  • The Open Doors legislations funds alternative instructional models, features accountability measures relevant to reengaged students and emphasizes the role of community and technical colleges.
  • At the Clover Park School District Open Doors program, co-located at Clover Park High School in Lakewood, students enroll in online and teacher-led curriculum and meet with counselors on a weekly basis.

2015-2016 Activity

  • Over 7,700 students in Washington were actively engaged in Open Doors sponsored reengagement programming during the 2015-2016 school year.