Reengagement in Portland

Through personal outreach methods, such as the Reconnect to your Future Campaign, Reconnection Center staff engage youth in Portland with services to help them continue their education successfully.

Reconnection Services offers an array of reengagement services for out-of-school youth to reenroll in Portland Public Schools. Outreach coordinators use academic assessments, credit evaluations, and interviews to recommend best-fit programs using the best-fit matrix as a guide. If an immediate school option is not available, then students may be referred to the Reconnection Center.

While at the center, every youth receives a Short-Term Education Plan (STEP) and reviews the programs and schools under consideration with a staff member. The students are enrolled in classes to allow them to earn proficiency credit while they are awaiting an appropriate school. The transition from the center to a new school setting varies from youth to youth; high needs youth spend a longer period of time at the center before returning to a classroom. The center provides follow-up services for up to one year in an education program.    


Promising Practices

  • Teen Parent Program 
  • Partnership with Student Success Center for intensive in-school interventions
  • Center students are co-enrolled in on-site alternative school, Alliance at Benson, to accomodate a variety

2014-2015 Activity

  • The Reconnection Center worked with 1,047 students. 433 youth re-enrolled in a school setting and 384 remained enrolled or graduated by the end of the school year.