Reengagement in King County

Reconnect to Opportunity (ReOpp) provides program-neutral community outreach from a base in King County government,  to connect young adults between the ages 16 and 24 with the regional Re-engagement System, a network of education and employment programs.

ReOpp’s outreach team of 12 helps youth consider their options, which include over 35 education pathways and many employment and training programs. The outreach workers also develop relationships with the young people in order to understand what did not work for them previously.  ReOpp’s goal is to help young people find the best fit and to facilitate their enrollment or employment process.  ReOpp’s outreach workers stick with the youth, so if a program is not a good fit, they will try again until they get it right.

ReOpp joins with community, school, and juvenile court partners to identify which youth might benefit from an alternative pathway.  After re-engagement, ReOpp stays in contact for up to three months to ensure that persistence in the program and progress toward goals.

Promising Practices

  • Launched a website (, which includes a central referral portal and a section for young people to preview some of their options.
  • Hired 11 peer connectors, young adults between the ages or 18 and 24, who are charged with finding opportunity youth in the community and encouraging them to re-engage.
  • Established a partnership with All Home’s coordinated entry team, resulting in direct referral to ReOpp of any young adult in King County accessing homelessness services, at the point of intake.
  • Using social media: @re2opp and
  • Hosted within King County Department of Community and Human Services

2015-2016 Activity

  • ReOpp launched in November 2015.  As of June 2016, it had worked to re-engage 258 young adults, 110 of whom enrolled in an academic program and 42 of whom got a job.