Reengagement in Davenport

Davenport Community School District’s Reengagement Office expands the types of services available to students to ensure each has the opportunity to earn a diploma or GED.

With a tiered system of services in place, the Reengagement Office engages youth and ensures they have the support they need to succeed. The practices in place aim to enhance the students’ strengths and promote self-sufficiency. In an effort to reach every student, the Reengagement Office has asked Graduation Alliance to offer a fully developed online program for students who may succeed in a virtual school setting. Students who choose to pursue their diploma online will receive a laptop with internet connection to complete their coursework.  

Promising Practices

  • Tiered strategy to prevent students at-risk of dropping out from leaving school, and engaging those who have left
  • Counselors and case managers help students find jobs
  • Partner with the Vera French Community Mental Health Center to support students

"I'm Here for You!"

2014-2015 Activity

  • The offices placed 76 students, and of the cohort 52 students graduated or received their GED
  • Signed a contract with Graduation Alliance to launch an online learning program