Reengagement in Colorado State

CYC spearheads the Colorado Reengagement Network, in partnership with the Colorado Department of Education, to provide coordination of regional and statewide student re-engagement efforts. 

CYC’s Dropout Outreach and Recovery program begins with extensive efforts to reengage out-of-school youth. In the 2015-2016 school year, Outreach Specialists called, emailed or sent letters to over 3,500 youth. Once connected, Outreach Specialists analyze the youth’s educational history and provide information on available best-fit education options (both high school and GED programs). Together with the youth, they work to eliminate barriers to educational success, and assist students with the enrollment process. Outreach Specialists continue to support the youth for an entire year after reenrollment, helping to problem solve issues as they arise, both within the school and within their lives. CYC contracts with several school districts to provide these expert/tailored reengagement services on a fee-for-service basis.

The Colorado Reengagement Network supports a collaborative environment that connects school districts and educational service providers. Through monthly meetings and other communication, it encourages the sharing of ideas and experiences about dropout prevention and reengagement.

Promising Practices

  • In 2015, CYC began collaborating with AmeriCorps to expand its outreach and provide more attention to solving the dropout crisis in Colorado. CYC’s Corps for a Change program serves young people in Colorado who have dropped out of school or who are at risk of dropping out of school by conducting outreach and providing in school assistance.
  • CYC has observed that the rate of out-of-school youth involved in multiple systems and needing services has been increasing. While the dropout rate in Colorado has been reduced by 45 percent in the last eight years, these populations have held constant or gone up incrementally during that same time. In response to this, CYC has begun to develop a comprehensive, data-based approach that assesses and connects students to services.   

2015-2016 Activity

  • During the 2015-2016 school year, CYC reached out to 3,500 young adults through the Dropout Outreach and Recovery program. 588 students were reengaged, with 410 students enrolling back into school during that same year. 74 students graduated with a GED or diploma.
  • CYC worked in seven school districts during the 15/16 school year.