Reengagement in Brockton

Brockton Public Schools, local community colleges, and community organizations partner to ensure all youth have the support they need to earn a high school diploma.

The Pathways Center, an entity providing college and career readiness opportunties in partnership with Brockton Public Schools, recognizes that students need alternate ways to complete postsecondary education. The Center connects students with vital resources and services via their partnerships with various non-profits and businesses. Working with different agencies, youth at the Pathways Center can enroll in online certification programs enabling them to pursue careers as medical interpreters, nurse aides, and more.

Pathways partnership with Massasoit Community College allows students to pursue various academic options through dual-enrollment. For example, through Massasoit’s self-paced multi-level math course at the Pathways Center students earn high school and college credit simultaneously.

Promising Practices

  • Partnerships with virtual paraprofessional certification programs
  • Courses taught by instructors from Massasoit Community College

2014-2015 Activity 

  • The Pathways Center connected 45 youth to an education option in the 2014-2015 academic year. Of the students placed, 22 received a diploma or GED by the end of the school year.